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Meadowview Huskies offers an array of programs aimed at educating the community about the sport and adventures of dog sledding. There are a variety of programs to choose from and finding one to fit your individual or group needs is easy! Read on for more information or contact us with any questions or requests.

School Visits:
Preschool/Kindergarten--Meet a musher and learn about teamwork through a discussion on dog sledding. The program also presents the opportunity for the children to interact with one or two dogs and some of the equipment we use.
First thru Third Grades:
Approximately a 1 hour program filled with discussions involving dog safety and the teamwork necessary for successful mushing. Hands on involvement including a dog sled kid pull! Question and answer session.
Fourth thru Eighth Grades:
Evolves into the more advanced topics of mushing.Learn about care and treatment of the dogs and equipment. Includes a video of an actual training run. Question and answer session.
Ninth thru Twelfth Grades:
Group discussions focusing on equipment and safety training as well as nutrition for the dogs. Meet an Alaskan Husky, watch a video of an actual training run. Discuss trail and race experiences.


Here are some pictures from a recent classroom demonstration. The kids love to see the dogs and learn about sledding. The dogs love to play with the kids and show off a bit for them!


Personal and Group Experiences

Private Parties - What to do with a winter birthday, retirement, anniversary, or just looking for something unique and fun to do in the winter months? How about a sled dog party! Spend time with racing Alaskan sled dogs, meet them, and learn all about mushing. Your guests will then enjoy a ride on a sled or cart pulled by the Meadowview Racing team.
Puppy Parties - Avaiable all year round, call for appointment and availability. We will bring our youngest dogs to your party to play! We will answer questions and you will get to interact with the dogs. Lots of fun any time of the year!

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