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wolf river huskies


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This page is for the people that help us down the road with
equipment and training - we thank you!

Thanks Bob & Karen Miller for helping us with these crazy dogs!
   Free Spirit Siberian Rescue

Thanks to Don from Sled Dog Systems for the K2 sled. Thanks for a great ride!

Thanks Adanac Sleds & Equipment for the gang lines & harnesses.

Thanks to Eagle Pack Dog Food - the dogs never looked better!

Thanks to Joy Green at Joy's Sled Dog Photos for the decal for the dog truck.

Thank you to Donna and Paul for taking care of the dogs that are left home
when we are on the road racing.

These people are not our sponsors - these are the people that we buy our equipment from and we believe in their products and their fast service
Thank You All!
Joe Zaitz             Julie Otto
Meadowview Racing

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